Snapplify receives backing from AngelHub Ventures to move up Africa

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South African-born digital publisher and ebook disti, Snapplify, has just announced an exciting investment from international venture capital investors.

AngelHub Ventures were seriously impressed with Snapplify’s work locally and decided to get on board and help speed up its expansion plans, helping the firm spread its reach into the rest of Africa.

“We believe that Snapplify can make a huge difference for accessibility to content and ebooks in the African market especially within education,” said Wesley Lynch, CEO of Snapplify.

“Challenges such as textbook delivery problems, lack of internet infrastructure and other barriers can easily be resolved by a digital solution. These are the pressing problems that our team want to solve. Getting books from the world’s leading publishers into the hands of all South African students is currently our main priority,” Lynch added.

Former FNB CEO, Michael Jordaan, a partner of AngelHub Ventures, will join the Snapplify board, bringing his knowledge and experience to the table.

“Snapplify is ideally positioned to surf the wave of digitisation that is sweeping across and irrevocably changing the old print sector,” said Jordaan.

“In the content and media industry the survivors will be those players who see digitisation as an opportunity to reach a much wider audience rather than an existential threat to the status quo. Snapplify can grow electronic distribution massively while protecting digital rights and ensuring that there are incentives for the creation of intellectual property. It’s a win-win business model.”

Some of the global publishers already signed with Snapplify include Penguin, Random House, Pearson, Oxford and Cambridge.