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Blackrock Mountain is coming to Hearthstone

Blackrock Mountain Hearthstone

If you’re one of the many virtual card-slingers out there who haven’t had a reason to visit Hearthstone recently, then rejoice! Blizzard’s World Of Warcraft-based virtual trading card game is set to get a new expansion in the form of Blackrock Mountain. Doesn’t the very name send chills through your spine?

The update, which is scheduled to drop this coming April, will include a new multi-tiered adventure for Solo Adventures Mode – in which players are plonked into the middle of a war between good and evil for control of Blackrock. On top of that players can expect 31 brand new cards, a whole host of new spells and new enemies and, of course, ages of frustration as they’re pounded into pulp by a new selection of in-game bosses.

According to Blizzard, Blackrock Mountain will be coming to PC and Android, iOS and Windows tablets, and as was the case with Hearthstone’s earlier Solo Adventures pack, The Curse of Naxxramus, one level in Blackrock will open up every week. The new levels are priced at $6.99 (R85,91) a shot or players can pay$24.99 (R307.13) for the whole shebang. If they don’t fancy sticking their hands in their wallets, a whole heap of grinding awaits, as the new levels cost 700 in-game gold a pop.

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