Crocs concept store has drones retrieving shoes

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A new shoe shop has sprung up in Tokyo, but it’s not any old shop: instead of sales people, it has drones that retrieve shoes for customers on request.

Yes, you read that correctly: drones. In a shoe shop.

It’s a Croc concept store, intended to show people just how lightweight Croc’s new range of Norlin shoes are, since, you know, they can be picked up and carried by drones.

The drones have specially-designed arms that can pick up the shoes and drop them off, and can carry a maximum of 600 grams of cargo.

Right now it’s just a proof-of-concept, so it’s not actually live and regular people can’t go in and choose their size and style and have the shoes brought to them by a drone like a giant vending machine. But it shows that it could be a thing in the near future.

Called “the flying Norlin project”, the store was launched in Tokyo to celebrate 10 years of Crocs in Japan, and people in the area will be able to see it in action this coming weekend. But if they actually want to buy a pair of shoes they’ll need to interact with actual human beings. Sadly.

Engadget has a pretty good article on the whole thing, including a neat video, which you can read check out over here.

[Source – Engadget]

Deon du Plessis

Deon du Plessis

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