New Xbox One Preview app Overdog will help you game with others who share your interests

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When not playing online with your actual friends on Xbox Live, it’s easy to feel like you’re gaming with total strangers because, well, you are.

A new app for the Xbox One wants to change that. Engadget writes that Overdog has just rolled out to members of the Xbox Preview Programme, and it does its level best to pair you with other gamers who share your interests, giving you something in common with whoever you’re multiplaying with apart from an intense hatred of campers and interest in certain games.

Overdog asks that you fill out a profile based on your interests in everything from movies to TV shows to sports (and games, of course); it then uses that information to pair you up with gamers whose likes match or resemble your own. You can choose to add them to your Friends list, invite them to whatever game you’re playing or join them in their game should one be ongoing.

The theory appears to be that this way, you’ll be able to strike up a friendly conversation with the people you’re fragging based on your common interests, and stand a better chance of making friends online as you play.

While Preview Programme members have access now, Overdog will roll out to all other Xbox Live members in two weeks or so.

Interestingly, the official Overdog website teases that the app is also “Coming to other platforms”, meaning they could be eyeing the PlayStation and PC as future targets.

On the “con” side, it also means that should you take Overdog up on their offer, teabagging the players you find could be less satisfying as they will potentially not be the deserving douchebags of multiplayer days of yore.

Are you interested in such a service, or are you happy playing with strangers?

[Source – Engadget, Image – Overdog]

Deon du Plessis

Deon du Plessis

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