Titanfall DLC is free on Xbox One and Xbox 360

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In news likely to delight anyone who handed over the requisite R449 for Titanfall but didn’t have enough in their wallet left over for any DLC, the game’s Season Pass is now available on the Xbox Games Store for free.

Yes, you read that correctly – it’s free.

The Titanfall blog has noted that to mark the anniversary of the launch Respawn’s Mech vs Man multiplayer fragfest, that players can now download Titanfall’s Season Pass, or they can help themselves to the game’s map packs piecemeal for absolutely no charge on Xbox One. Xbox 360 owners don’t seem to have access to the game’s Season Pass, but not to worry – all of the three map packs for Titanfall are still free on this platform.

The three packs in question – Frontier, Expedition and IMC rising comprise a total of nine new maps for players to shoot the hell out of each other on foot and in Titans.

Both Respawn and EA are being very quiet about how long this offer lasts – it may be for a limited time only. So our recommendation is that you buy yourself some extra bandwith and get it today.

The only people unlikely to be thrilled by this news are those who forked over cash for the DLC when it launched and PlayStation 4 owners, who haven’t had the chance to sample the delights of EA’s Xbox platform exclusive. That having been said, there have been rumblings at the rumour mill that Titanfall’s sequel may just land on the PS4, so be patient and cross your fingers.