Made a blunder on social media? Here’s how to delete embarrassing tweets from your timeline

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Some folks on the internet hauled Trevor Noah over the coals for a few of his old tweets following his appointment as new host of The Daily Show this week.

Celebrities live in a somewhat different world to us regular folk, but should you find yourself potentially embarrassed about a tweet or tweets you sent, did you know there’s a way to avoid that sort of backlash in your own life?

The one we like most is TweetDeleter, as it’s one of the most sophisticated tools that can delete old tweets, perfect for if you ever become really famous or if you just feel like starting over.

The website allows for wholesale erasure of tweets as well as the deletion of individual, potentially-embarrassing tweets. You will need to grant TweetDeleter authorisation to use your account in order to access the features on the site, which include browsing, automatic tweet deletion as well as finding tweets through the use of key words.

Step one is to navigate to the website; simply open it in the browser of your choice – both mobile and desktop browsers are fine for this – and sign in with your Twitter account credentials.

This screen will greet you when you load the site up on your Android phone.

After signing in, you will have the option to select and delete tweets or to enter keywords for more focused deleting.


TweetDeleter gives you three of its primary features for free – browsing, finding and deleting tweets – but you’re limited to deleting just 100 tweets per day. The Premium version, which costs a fairly steep $9.98 (R120) a month, lets you delete as many as you like, delete tweets en masse, schedule deletions and more.

For basic purposes of deleting offending individual tweets, the free version is perfectly sufficient; for serial offenders or people who don’t want to keep tweets online for more than a certain number of days, the Premium version is the way to go.

Once you’re signed in, it’s a simple matter of finding the offending tweets, and hitting Delete.

And there you have it, a great way to retroactively prune any tweets you’d rather not have on your timeline.



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