Sucking at Mortal Kombat X combos? Here’s why

Lovers of fighting games were very pleased when Mortal Kombat X finally released last week, as it is the first fighting game to arrive for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. It brought with it crisp, high-definition graphics and a more detailed view than ever of the game’s trademark over-the-top fatalities.

But it also brought its share of frustration. If you, like us, found yourself struggling to pull off even the most basic of combos consistently, you’ll be glad to discover there’s a reason for it – innocuous-sounding settings.

Yes, that’s right, two of the game’s controller settings – “Release Check” and “Input Shortcut” – are the reason behind your suckage. What Release Check does is count button releases as another button press, so when you’re attempting to pull of a combo that requires that you press, say, square, triangle, square, by pressing and releasing square the game registers your input as square, square and therefore messes up the move.

To disable it, go into the game’s options and look for Wireless Controller Preset and set Release Check and Input Shortcut to Off. Now, the game will register key presses only, allowing you to input your combos more naturally.

This advice first surfaced on Reddit, but was summarised by YouTube user infamy 23 in a detailed video, and posted about on PlayStation Lifestyle.

[Source – Reddit, PlayStation Lifestyle]


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