Facebook may let you customise News Feed according to “what you love”

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In recent years, Facebook has messed around with its algorithms which meant you couldn’t see posts from some friends and pages unless you engaged with them on a regular basis. Now the social network is testing a feature that allows you to choose the posts you want to see at the top of your News Feed.

A “See more of what you love” pop-up box has been appearing on the Facebook app among a handful of users, allowing them to bypass the current algorithm and create a list of friends and pages they’ve liked whose posts they would like to see prioritised.


This feature is a simplified version of the process of opting in to get notifications whenever a friend or page has posted on Facebook, which can often clutter a user’s notifications function.

Facebook has confirmed the feature is in the testing phase but didn’t provide any further information on whether it would be making it widely available to all users on all platforms and when we may expect to see it.

[Source – AdWeek]