[SURVEY] Tell us about your experience using the GP school registration site

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[UPDATE: You can now use the GDE Admissions website to register yours and your child’s details and apply for admission in 2017. Check out this guide we’ve complied to show you to how use the website]

Last month, the Gauteng Department of Education launched the GDE Admissions website, which lets parents submit applications for the 2016 admissions early bird registration window online. It’s a pretty big deal – given the massive queues seen outside schools during registration periods, and one that wasn’t without hiccups.

We wanted to test it ourselves, but as there’s no parents in the office with kids about to change schools, couldn’t do a reliable and honest test. So if you have already used the service, we want to know about your experience (anonymously, of course).

The website is meant to simplify the registration process and cut down on long queues and paperwork, parents do however still have to head over to their child/ren’s school to submit the required documents such as a birth certificate.

If you still haven’t visited the GDE Admissions website to get started on early registration for your child in 2016, then you have just under two weeks to do so, head over to the website and get started.

If you’ve already completed the process, and want to let us know how you got on, please complete the survey below and feel free to post any comments in the comments section of this article as well. And if you haven’t applied online but know someone who has, forward this on!

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