Dr Who, The Simpsons, Portal and more coming to LEGO Dimensions

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Parents, ready your wallets. LEGO Dimensions is coming: it’s a natural union of everyone’s favourite brick-building pastime that isn’t Minecraft and the whole Skylanders/Disney Infinity concept where physical toys are used to select characters inside a video game.

But more important than that is the number of high-profile franchises that will be getting the Dimensions treatment.

Kotaku discovered, quite by accident, that the Portal, Dr Who, Back to the Future and Simpsons universes are to be represented in Dimensions when the game launches later this year.

That means we can expect to get LEGO versions of Dr Who himself, Homer Simpson and his family, Marty McFly and Doc as well as Chell and the Companion Cubes from Portal, along with their own themed levels in the game.

Kotaku apparently found this out when the LEGO Group uploaded an instruction sheet for a Back to the Future set that included a taste of things to come, including the above.

If you’re also thinking “Wow, sounds like a licence to print money”, you’re not alone. Never mind how kids will react, I can only imagine how adults will go bananas over the option to bring LEGO-ised figures and levels from their favourite TV shows and movies into a game.

These sets – and more – will be available on September 27, when LEGO Dimensions hits store shelves. For more info, check out Kotaku’s post.

Should your tastes run more to the Star Wars side of things, you’ll be happy to know that last week, it was announced on the official site that various Star Wars-themed figures and levels would be coming to Disney’s own toys-meet-games franchise, Disney Infinity, when the game makes it to version 3.0 in time for Christmas.

[Source & Image – Kotaku]

Deon du Plessis

Deon du Plessis

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