Ultra HD Blu-ray players and discs expected later this year

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Move over 1080p, 4K video is about to take over.

You know all those Ultra HD TVs Dion Wired and other electronics purveyors have been attempting to sell in the last year or so? Well, soon they’ll be doing more than just upscaling 1080p videos, as Ultra HD Blu-ray discs and players are set to arrive later this year.

That means you’ll be able to buy physical disks with 4K movies on them, and not have to rely on 4K videos from YouTube/Netflix and the massive amounts of data those consume to take full advantage of your UHD TV.

Engadget says the new discs will store up to 100GB of data as standard, providing plenty of storage space for studios to bring out 4K movies that run at 60 frames per second and support new audio technologies like DTS:X and Dolby Atmos.

Samsung is reported to have its own Ultra HD Blu-ray player in the works, and apparently Panasonic already showed one earlier this year at CES, so the big-name manufacturers are clearly putting their weight behind the standard.

This news makes me happy as a big fan of high frame rates, as I’m so tired of crappy 24fps movies and the juddery visuals they provide. That the human eye can’t distinguish more than 24 frames per second is rubbish according to my gamer’s eyes that see a clear distinction between games that run at 60fps versus those that stick to 30fps, and I am only too happy at the idea that movies will soon hit my eyeballs at a higher frame rate.

There’s no news on the pricing of these new players or Blu-ray discs, but at least the new standard is final and the move to higher-fidelity movies has begun.

[Source – Engadget, Image – Blu-ray Disc Association]


Deon du Plessis

Deon du Plessis

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