[WATCH] First trailer for Minority Report television series

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The 2002 Tom Cruise film Minority Report has often been used as a measuring stick for how we might one day browse and operate our computers. “Just like Minority Report” has become shorthand for talking about touchscreen tech and and personalised advertising: but while we do have gesture control now, we are still a long way off from apprehending criminals before they even commit their crimes.

The film was directed by Steven Spielberg, based on a short story by Philip K Dick, and is now being spun off into a female-led television drama.

The show will be produced through Spielberg’s Amblin TV, and will star Meagan Good (Think Like a Man, Anchorman 2), Stark Sands (Inside Llewyn Davis), Wilmer Valderrama (That ’70s Show), and Daniel London (Synecdoche, New York).

Watch the first trailer below:



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