Vox Telecom’s Fat Pipe gives ‘best’ ADSL connectivity for your buck

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The factors that influence what’s considered a ‘decent internet connection’ varies from one person to the next.

For some people it’s all about cost. For others, it’s about having as few limitations placed on their data consumption as possible. And for others still, the ability to rest assured that the performance of their connection is as good as it gets is the critical factor.

When you come down to it however, it’s about finding the perfect combination of these factors.

That’s exactly what Vox Telecom’s Fat Pipe ADSL data product is all about.

Designed to work on everything from a 2Mbps ADSL line to a 40Mbps VDSL line, you’ll always get the best possible experience because Fat Pipe’s bandwidth is completely unshaped.

Click here for more details about Vox Telecom’s Fat Pipe.

That means that regardless of whether you’re doing something simple like browsing the internet or reading your email, or doing something more complex like engaging in a Skype video call with a family member or colleague, streaming a movie or synchronising business critical files (or your family photos) to the cloud, you’re getting the best possible experience available for your connection.

Because it’s about the quality of the experience and not about the amount of data consumed, you pay for what you’re likely to use during the course of a month.

Vox Telecom also knows that value for money is important, even when you’re using a premium service.

That’s why you can also rest assured that no gigabyte will go to waste.

Anything left in your bundle rolls over at the end of the month and gets added to next month’s bundle. It will also never expire, while you remain a subscriber.

Lastly, Vox knows that situations change often and the flexibility to make changes to your internet connectivity as and when needs arise can be a deal breaker.

That’s the reason Fat Pipe is available on a month-to-month basis.

No contracts, no compromises. Just fast, reliable and flexible connectivity for your ADSL or VDSL needs.

For more information visit Vox Telecom’s website.

[Image – CC Matt J Newman]



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