Uber just released a game about itself

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If you have every wondered what it’s like for to be an Uber driver carting passengers around a city, you’re in luck.

The mobile taxi-hailing service has just released an iOS game called UberDRIVE, which aims to show off just what it is like to work for it. While it’s actually a far cry from being accurate, you could use it to pass the time for a couple of minutes.

“Today Uber is announcing the launch of UberDRIVE, a mobile game that puts you in the driver’s seat. UberDRIVE showcases a day in the life of an Uber driver-partner,” Uber announced on its blog. Players help riders get from A to B and earn high scores for identifying the safest and most efficient routes to their destinations.”

In the game, you have to drive virtual passengers from point A to point B by using the most efficient route on a map. Currently the game only simulates driving in San Francisco, but Uber said it may add more cities in the future.

Players deliver their virtual passengers to their destinations by tapping on intersections and identifying various landmarks around the city and they can rack up high scores depending on how efficient their routes are. If you earn a high rating, you’ll be able to unlock new cars and new areas of the map

[Image – Uber]
So essentially it’s Crazy Taxi with the ‘Crazy’ part removed. Think of it as ‘Sedated Taxi’.

Charlie Fripp

Charlie Fripp

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