Paris is in disarray after French taxi drivers protest Uber

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As Uber continues to grow around the world, usually operating in the greyer side of law while challenging the old way of moving people, it is meeting more than its fair share of resistance.

In Paris today, French taxi drivers have been protesting against UberPop, the extension of Uber in France. The protest has become violent as fights broke out in the streets, tyres were burned and cars overturned. UberPop employees and drivers are being specifically targeted and riot police have been called in to quell the violence.

The French taxi union’s biggest gripe with UberPop is the fact that it does not need to pay to have its members licensed as taxi drivers – which is a cost that affects the union. A one-time licence for each driver in France can cost up to  €240 000 (R3 246 457) and since Uber doesn’t have to pay this, the Union is arguing that it has an unfair advantage.

In addition, a ban on UberPop has been passed down from France’s Interior Minister, preventing them from operating in Paris for the time being.

[Source – The Verge, Image – BBC]

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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