Creative Commons wants you to design its next Summit logo

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The organisers behind the 2015 Creative Commons (CC) Global Summit have put out a call for call for proposals and attendees, and started up a competition to design a logo for the event.

The Summit, which is being held this year in Seoul, South KoreaOctober 15 to 17th will see a huge smorgasbord of attendees from various industries and fields, including free software advocates, Open Knowledge enthusiasts, gallery owners, librarians, government representatives, lawyers and artists.

The appeal for participation and the submission of proposals for workshops, hackathons, talks, panels, presentations, performances, and other activities during the summit has been opened. It closes on July 17th. Submissions may be made online in accordance with a draft program for the summit.

Openness advocate Kelsey Wiens says the event will be attended by over 1 000 international delegates from across the tech and open web community.

“Our doors and inboxes are always open to ideas and to collaborate. We’d love to keep it local but we have cc teams across Africa to connect anyone wanting to get involved,” Wiens says.

A selection committee of CC community representatives will select proposals that will form part of sessions at the summit as well as award scholarships to some of the proposals that are chosen.

Ahead of the Summit, creative types might want to whip out their virtual crayons and pencils for the logo design competition which closes on July 1st. The winning logo will be used online, in print, and on merchandise and its designer will walk away with a six thousand rand cash prize.

[Image – CC Global Summit Homepage]