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Fallout Shelter nukes Candy Crush Saga on iOS free app charts

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Fallout Shelter, which was launched on Monday of this week, has knocked the highly popular Candy Crush Saga off the number three spot on the Apple iOS sales charts.

King’s digital crack had been holding had been holding the third spot on the App Store’s Top Grossing Apps chart home right behind Clash of Clans and Game of War: Fire Age and few would’ve predicted this sudden shift of the order. It seems the allure of post-apocalyptic Boston is just too much for app users to resist.

Fallout Shelter allows you make a nuclear shelter, which you oversee in order to keeping fallout survivors happy by feeding them and providing other necessities.

The mobile game is on the up and up and is sure to rake in more cash for it’s developers Bethesda Game Studios who have since announced that an Android version of the game is in the making.

Although Fallout Shelter is a free game, options to use real cash to purchase optional in-game perks are key to its growing popularity in the App Store rankings. Apple’s Top Free Apps chart also show that Fallout Shelter has seen more downloads than apps such as Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram in the last twenty four hours.

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