Join us to talk makers in Africa and 3D print your own head

Apologies for the short notice on this one, but it’s that time of the month when we help to host the JoziConnect Sessions at JoziHub, a regular talking shop/networking event where we highlight something awesome about technology in South Africa.

This month’s event is next Tuesday 9th June at JoziHub, 44 Stanley Road. It’s all about makers and it’ll be in two parts.

We’ll be joined at the Session by Steve Gray, founder of The Makerspace in Durban. We’ve written about Steve and his work at The Makerspace before. Through his work at The Makerspace, Steve has been committed to spreading the work about maker culture and getting more people from outside the tech and engineering scene creating stuff with low cost modern tools.

Steve has been instrumental in bringing the many makerspaces from around the country together to plan new ways of getting more people involved in the maker scene. At the JoziConnect Session we’ll be asking him about why – from the hobbiest to the professional – maker culture is so important to South Africa and how he’s helped small businesses and entrepreneurs develop a maker mindset within their ventures to achieve success.

After the JoziConnect Session, Steve will also be hosting the first of a series of national workshops around maker culture – The MakerSpace on Tour – where he’ll be teaching two groups of people the basics of leatherwork or 3D printing.

You can leave with a handmade (by your own hand) leather wallet or a 3D printed model of your own head.

As ever, entry to the JoziConnect Session is free. You can sign up for a free ticket here.

There will be a small fee to cover materials for the Makerspace on Tour event, R350 for the leatherworking workshop and R500 for the 3D printed mini-me. JoziHub members will receive an R50 discount, and everyone can sign up here.

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