Sony E3 Keynote: Everything you need to know

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Following Microsoft has always been a blessing and a curse for Sony. On the one hand, it has space to prepare a presentation once its rival has tipped its hand. On the other, unless it has something mind blowing to unveil, Sony runs the risk of being shown up before the expo officially get underway. The former occurred two years ago when Sony flatlined Microsoft with its PS4 reveal. Still, back in 2009, when Project Natal was rolled out, Sony didn’t have much to show for itself. This year, it was all about games and VR peripherals and Sony brought as much to the fight as Xbox. A full list of trailers from Sony’s E3 Keynote can be found on PlayStation’s Official YouTube Channel. For a quick run down of the highlights, read on:

The Last Guardian is finally coming to a Sony console

Team Ico’s third installment in its ethereal trilogy – that began with Ico and ran through Shadow Of The Colossus – was unveiled at E3 over five years ago. That’s a long time in videogames. So long in fact, that we’d almost given up hope of ever seeing it again.

So when the rumourmill started churning out news that The Last Guardian was going to make an appearance at Sony’s keynote this year, we were understandably skeptical. We certainly didn’t expect it kick off the PS4 presentation with a lengthy demo. And a release date was the last thing we expected.

So… yeah… we got all that wrong…

As beautiful as it is heart-warming, we can’t wait to get our hands on this.

There’s a new Hitman game

The last time Agent 47 pitched up at E3 unannounced, the trailer for his game was one of the expo’s showstoppers. A few years on from Hitman: Absolution and he’s been reduced to mini-games on mobile devices. So it’s heart-warming to see him getting the new gen console treatment, even if his appearance at Sony’s press conference wasn’t proof that IO Interactive’s latest installment in this series is a console exclusive.

The trailer showcases a series of targets and environments but there really isn’t a lot to go on beyond the fact that it looks really lovely. That having been said, if the new Hitman – simply called ‘Hitman’ – can mix Absolution’s graphics with Blood Money’s open-ended gameplay, it could truly be something special. We feel a wishlist feature coming on…

Shenmue 3 has a Kickstarter

Perhaps the only game more unexpected at Sony’s press conference than The Last Guardian, was Shenmue 3. Well, it wasn’t officially at the expo, but developer Yu Suzuki announced that one of the most wanted sequels was now on Kickstarter seeking crowd funding. You want Shenmue 3? Then pay for it.


The Shenmue 3 Kickstarter is asking for $2 million to make it a reality – and at the time of this writing, it’s shot passed that mark quite substantially. That’s not surprising – when the Kickstarter was announced at Sony’s keynote, their were genuine tears shed by audience members. And after all, if some dude can raise $50K for making a potato salad, surely Shenmue 3 can get the funding to see the light of day?

Horizon: Zero Dawn is Guerrilla Games’s non-Killzone title

There were rumours that Killzone’s developers were working on a new game that didn’t involve The Helghast and at Sony’s keynote, the world received its first glimpse of it. Horizon: Zero Dawn looks like an enticing prospect; set after a global power outage returned humankind to the hunter-gatherer state of affairs it found itself in before the advent of the city-state, the game follows a female hunter let loose in world where wildlife and cybernetics seem to have become intertwined.

Plot details are thin and we’re not sure how hunting robot animals can sustain a population in an of itself – unless they’re all vegan – but we’re intrigued enough to give it a look next year.

Nathan Drake looks less worse for wear in Uncharted 4

The last time we saw the hero of Uncharted, he was dragging himself through a graveyard on what looked like his last legs, so it was nice to see Uncharted 4 in total action mode for Sony’s keynote.

There was no threatening monologue here. No weary, world-worn pronouncements. Just an extended set piece involving what the Uncharted franchise does best: gunplay, parkour, fisticuffs, car chases and more wise cracks than an entire season of Firefly. Welcome back, Nathan. We missed you.