Telkom’s mobile revenue increases by 178 per cent, over million DSL users


Telkom’s financial earnings report, released this morning, reveals that the fixed and mobile phone line provider revealed has cracked the 1 million mark in terms of ADSL subscribers – 1 005 286 to be exact.

This has also contributed to a 1.5 per cent fixed‐line data revenue, and as of 31 March 2015, the revenue for that slice of the market was worth R10.4 billion to Telkom.

Speaking of revenue, the company revealed that its mobile division is as strong as any, seeing a 174.1 per cent increase in earning, coming to rest at R954 million. In terms of mobile data, that revenue increased as well to R988 million – up just over 50 per cent.

How many mobile users does Telkom have, contributing to the huge increase in revenue? Well, according to the posted figures, the company increased its users by 21 per cent to 2.1 million.

In total, Telkom posted a net revenue of R26 billion, up 1.3 per cent from last year.

While mobile data was on the up, one would think that voice traffic would be down, but Telkom said that it actually increased.

“Mobile voice and subscriber revenue increased 46,0 per cent to R717 million (March 2014: R491 million). This can be attributed to a 21,2 per cent increase in the number of active mobile subscribers and a 19,5 per cent increase in blended ARPU,” it said.

One section of Telkom’s market that did decline, was revenue derived from fixed line voice services.

“We continued to see pressure on voice usage, particularly in our Enterprise business, resulting in an 11,9 percent decrease in fixed line voice and interconnection revenue to R8,3 billion.”

You can read the entire financial results document by going to Telkom’s Investor Relations webpage.

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