Telkom’s new voice minute bundles will let you talk longer for less

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Telkom has introduced a new set of voice minute bundles to help contract customers continue to make calls at in-bundle rates, even if you’ve depleted your monthly voice allocation.

Now, instead of having to make calls at a higher out-of-bundle rate, you can buy a voice minute bundle and call from just 12c per minute.

“These enhancements are a result of our renewed focus to drive innovation that delivers a sustainable balance of choice, flexibility and affordability to our customers,” said Attila Vitai, Telkom managing director of consumer and mobile services.

All contract, Saver/ Top-Up and prepaid customers can buy a voice minute bundle. The bundles come in three variants: those for calls made to either a Telkom Mobile line, or a Telkom Fixed Line or across all mobile networks.

As is the case with data bundles, you can opt to make one-off or recurring voice minute bundle purchases from your account.

You can see how many voice minutes you have left by dialling 188#. The bundles do not include international calls and cannot be transferred to another Telkom user.

Below are all the prices for the various voice minute bundles.

Screenshot (530)

“The quality and value that we are hoping to deliver is underpinned by simplicity and ease of use for our customers. Our aim is to ensure that Telkom is the one stop shop for all our customer’s communication needs,” Vitai said.

[Image – CC by Aaron Williamson]