The SAScholar app can help you find a university bursary

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As the school calendar reaches the half-way mark, many matrics will begin applying at different tertiary institutions for next year. Those who need a bursary are in luck as a new app has been launched to make it easier to find one.

The SAScholar Bursary App uses students’ biographical details to match with opportunities available in their desired area of study. All you have to do is register on the app and start searching for bursaries related to your field and level of study.


“The inspiration behind the app is a combination of frustration for looking for bursaries and a will to help educate South Africa,” said Blessing Jonamu, SAScholar’s product manager and senior developer.

“We understand the fact that the process of applying for bursaries and scholarships is wearisome and often quite confusing,” Jonamu said. “Funding is the number one problem for scholars who wish to further their education at a higher education institution, which is why we want to simplify the process and make bursaries more accessible to the general public.”

All South African universities are listed on the app with a wide range of courses covered.


Once you’ve found a bursary, you have the option of either contacting the university directly or applying on the university’s website. You can also share the information with friends or family via email.

“It has been a long journey. We came up with this idea about a year and 6 months ago and are glad it has become a reality,” Jonamu said.

SAScholar is compatible with any mobile that has a web browser and will soon have dedicated apps for different operating systems soon. Visit the SAScholar website to get started.

[Image –  CC 2.0 – Ian Barbour]