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Would you pay R1 million for an Iron Man-themed Galaxy S6 Edge?

Borrowed from uproar comics

We love all things Marvel, and Iron Man holds a special place in our hearts/arc reactors, but there comes a point where fandom starts to clash with the obscene amounts of money being asked for it.

Samsung announced back in May that they were partnering with Marvel to create a limited run of Galaxy S6 Edges to tie in with Avengers: Age of Ultron. The 1000 phones are all shiny and chrome in the instantly recognisable hotrod red and gold that Tony Stark plates his suits in.

A Chinese bidding site, JD.com, recently had one of these special phones for sale, starting at the RRP of $1 079 (R13 411.81) but the winner of the auction paid $91 000 (R1 131 116,35).

The phone’s serial number is 66 with 6 being the lucky number in Chinese culture, which naturally, had an effect on the bids being offered for it. Also; red and gold are colours of wealth and luxury. What an expensive coincidence.

If you actually want to use it as a phone and not a framed conversational piece, it is the 64GB version, and it comes with a wireless charging dock that looks like an arc reactor, an etching of the grimacing movie version of the Iron Man helmet and a lot of pre-installed wallpapers.

If you want to experience unboxing this silly product we have you covered, and you only need to shell out for the data charges of watching a Youtube video.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wB6MId15cpo]

Thank Thor that it also comes with a see-through cover so you can keep your “investment” safe while still looking good.

[Source – Dimi Club, Image – Uproar Comics]

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