Reddit’s interim CEO Ellen Pao resigns

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It seems the recent spout of Reddit making the news may be at its end.

If you’re catching the train at the last stop, a large group of the internet’s “front page” was enraged when several parts of the site were suddenly shut down.

While the userbase fumed the site turned a decade old, as large parts of it became unusable in protest following a popular employee being fired amidst miscommunication similar to the earlier shut down.

The collective finger was pointed at Interim CEO Ellen Pao, and when the site was fully functioning again she apologised.

Following the announcement, no actual changes were made to the it despite mentions of planned improvements and a renewed effort to fulfil promises made long ago by management. Now, another announcement from Reddit reveals that Pao has resigned by mutual agreement and the CEO position will be filled by Steve Huffman, one of Reddit’s founders and its original CEO. Pao will stay on until the end of the year as an advisor.

To give some gauge of the users’ reactions, the apology by Pao sits at zero points and thirteen gildings, while the new announcement is just over six thousand points and almost sixty gildings (if you’d like an explanation of the points and gildings system on Reddit, we discussed it in our story about memorable moments on the site).

If this is any kind of vote of confidence, Huffman is being graciously accepted by the community at large.

With the community having treated Pao so poorly (the administrator who created the announcement mentioned their disgust with this), and a sizeable amount of the site having left (with many swarming to Voat) it is again unclear as to what will happen to Reddit. The site has been around for more than a decade and that’s an extremely long time for any site to continue growing both its number of users and popularity.

Later this week we’ll have an opinion piece from one of our writers who has been using the site several times a day for more than three years now.

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

Clinton has been a programmer, engineering student, project manager, asset controller and even a farrier. Now he handles the maker side of