America challenges Japan to a giant robot fight

Instead of wars and nuclear bombs, we should just settle international disputes with giant fighting robots. At least, that’s what some engineers in America think.

Megabots Inc. is, if you can believe it, a company out of the US of A that makes and sells rather large automatons that are armed to the teeth (with air cannons), that weigh in at 5 400KG and are operated by two squishy pilots.

Yesterday they posted this video:

In  the short clip they throw the gauntlet down at the robotic feet of Suidobashi Heavy Industry, a Japanese company that has a lot in common with Megabots Inc.

Thus far, however, Suidobashi has not responded, but the company is in a great position to do so with its own pilot-powered robot, and a response is expected soon.

Suidobashi has brought into unlife the Kuratas, a 4 000KG single-pilot robot that is also armed with air-powered death, and comes with a targeting system that is activated by smiling. Because Japan.


The Americans would like the fight to take place in a year, with no new news coming out since the challenge video was posted.

Our money is on Suidobashi’s Kuratas. We’re sorry America but Japan is the gold standard of robotic rumbles; have you never watched Gundam, Macross, Evangelion or, we don’t know, any Japanese anime at all? Those guys know their robots.

Let’s hope this becomes official soon, and give us all a fantastic robot rumble to look forward to.

[Source – Megabots Inc.]


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