This is what the iPhone 6S’s rear casing looks like

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Apple watch-site 9to5Mac has published some gorgeous hi-res pictures of what it claims is the iPhone 6S’s rear metal casing. The pics were apparently provided by “a source familiar with Apple’s supply chain”.

The source also said the 6S’s design will be exactly the same as that of the iPhone 6, an assertion backed up by the connector, speaker, camera and microphone layout being the same as on the current phone. The thickness and width of the leaked casing –  which the source claims are also identical to that of the 6 – provides even more evidence.

That’s great news for people who plan to make the jump to the 6S, as it means their accessories will probably still work with the newer phone.

Anyone hoping the 6S would come with a dual-camera setup will be disappointed, though, as the casing clearly does not have one.

While the outside of the phone looks the same as that of the iPhone 6’s – or at least, close enough – the insides will likely be quite different.

One of the shots shows a different internal mounting structure for the phone’s logic board, implying a new hardware layout. That makes sense as every generation of Apple products features improved hardware.

The phone will certainly come with the same pressure-sensitive Force Touch functionality as seen on 2015’s new MacBooks (confirmed here), and the new internal layout will likely support other improvements like a faster processor or perhaps more RAM (or both).

9to5Mac says they’ve also been given quite a detailed look at the phone’s new internal components, which will feature in a story they will publish in the next few days, so stay tuned.

The iPhone 6S will likely make its official debut in September of this year, as the iPhone 6 came out in September 2014.

To see the full gallery of head over to 9to5Mac.

[Source & Images – 9to5Mac]

Deon du Plessis

Deon du Plessis

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