[MAP MONDAY] This is the best GTA 5 map you’ll ever see

The world of Grand Theft Auto 5 is a massive and traversing every inch of it can be a bit of a daunting task. Sure, we all know how to find our way around and instinctively remember where some of the important features and structures are, but can you name the locations for Monkey Mosaic collectibles?

According to Digital Trends, Redditor The Mighty Tspoon created a map for GTA 5 that is possibly the best map ever.

The map makes use of a Google Maps-style interface, complete with Atlas, Satellite and Road views, and users can zoom in on every inch of it. Well, close enough to get a decent view of what is going on at street level.

Different elements of the game can be filtered, marked and highlighted, like shops, mission locations, activities and yes, the location of Monkey Mosaics.

If you don’t trust us, just check out the amazing work that The_Mighty_Tspoon has done.

GTA 5 Map 2
The map has everything that you could ever want.

The map is available for desktops, as well as as Android and iOS smartdevices (except the iPod Touch).

The map is still kind of a work in progress, as a number of elements still need to be added, like street names. “We’re starting work on the street names. Most of the major ones have been added, but they aren’t searchable….yet!” an update reads.


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