Check out this stats burst from Tshwane free WiFi: who’s online and where?

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The average internet user on the Tshwane free WiFi network (also known as Project Isizwe) is a young male under the age of 35, who accesses the service using a mobile phone, according to latest stats released by the organisation.

The stats were revealed in a statement published today detailing the latest progress made since the Project Isizwe launch in 2013, including the announcement that the WiFi’s network speed had been improved from 7mbps to 15mbps.

The number of active monthly users has also seen a significant amount of growth. Back in April, Project Isizwe recorder just over 61 200 monthly users, by 23rd July, that number had more than doubled to 165 000.

Most users (80%) are under the age of 35 and only 7% of all users reach the 250MB daily data limit given to each person.

Below are a few more interesting stats on the free WiFi audience and usage.

infographic (1)

Of the 514 sites at education facilities, 466 are schools, five are tertiary centres and 43 libraries. Health sites consist of 25 clinics and four, sport venues. Service delivery points consist of 26 customer centres and 15 municipal centres and Areyeng Trunk Route sites consist of 30 buses, seven stations and two curb stops.

“The city has prioritised high-density areas such as educational institutions, healthcare facilities and service delivery points to roll out the much needed technology, with a view to enhance social and economic transformation,” the City of Tshwane said.

[Image – Project Isizwe]