Vox cuts the price of its 300GB ADSL data package

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Finally, an internet service provider in South Africa shows that they understand what South Africans want from their internet connections – more data for a lot less. Well, it’s what I want, anyway, and I think it’s fair to say I’m not alone.

For the month of August, on a promotional basis, Vox Telecom has cut the price of its 300GB “Fat Pipe” ADSL data package down to R485 per month, which is the price of its 150GB package.

Basically, you’ll pay for 150GB and get 300GB, and all unused data rolls over to the next month to a maximum of six times the capped amount.

You’ll pay that money each month as long as you’re a subscriber, too, meaning your price won’t change when the promotion ends. It is online only, however, so if you want it you’ll only get it if you sign up through the Vox website.

The offer is valid for the first 1 000 signups or until the end of August, whichever comes first.

Vox did something similar with its 100GB ADSL data package last month, offering it for just R164pm. Should you run out of data, top-ups can be bought for R10 per gig.

And the best part? It’s capped, unshaped data so you can download whatever, whenever, rather than having to wait for midnight as happens with data packages from other companies.

Sound good? Find the signup page here.

Here’s my favourite quote from Vox’s executive head for carrier and connectivity services Shane Chorley about the promotion, which I found on TechCentral: “We’ve been monitoring a number of discussions on various online forums and the message we’ve received is clear: people want more data, for a better price.”

So keep on bitching posting constructively about what you’d like to see happening in the local internet service provision space, internet people, at least one ISP is starting to listen. More can’t be too far behind.

[Source – Vox]

Deon du Plessis

Deon du Plessis

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