RSAWeb’s new mobile broadband packages offering data from R49 for 1GB

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South African internet service provider RSAWeb, has ventured into mobile broadband with the launch of mobile packages starting from as little as R49 per month for 1GB data.

RSAWeb has been around since 2001 and is behind the launch of iBurst Wireless in 2007, but this is the first time it’s offered mobile internet packages.

RSAWeb’s mobile broadband is hosted on the MTN network and offers 3G and LTE technology with speeds of up to 45Mbps.

Packages are billed on a yearly or monthly basis and according to the company, there are no connection fees, you can easily upgrade or downgrade your package and users aren’t bound to a long term contract and can cancel it on the 25th of a month.

Prices for monthly and yearly differ by a few hundred rands depending on each package. For example, if you opt to pay R49 for 1GB per month and consistently pay it over a year, you’ll pay R696 as opposed to the R588 yearly bill. And if you opt for R997 per month for 20GB, you’ll pay R11 964 as opposed to R11 508 a year.

Vox Telecom, which also piggybacks off MTN, currently offers 1GB data for R89 per month on a non-contract basis along with an additional R99 set up fee, while Afrihost offers the same package for R58 per month

“Mobile broadband is our personal mobile connectivity product that enables you to connect to the Internet wherever you are, allowing you the freedom and flexibility of browsing during load-shedding, while you are at a coffee shop or even at the beach or on holiday,” RSAWeb said.

You can see all of the RSAWeb packages on the company’s website.

[Source – RSAWeb]