Check out this awesome loadshedding-busting LED lightbulb

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The best ideas are the simple ones, and frankly they don’t come much simpler or better than this. Cape Town office supplies store, Your Door, just did what – in hindsight – seems obvious for South Africans at the moment, and started selling a lightbulb with a built-in battery that stays on for up to four hours during loadshedding.

The LED bulb has a built-in battery of up to 1800mAh that will hold a charge when the power eventually dries up, and will apparently give you four to six hours of illumination, which is about the time of the average blackout.

At R150 the bulb is considerably more expensive than an average one at around R30, and the longer-lasting regular LEDs at R100. The site is having a launch sale and you can pick it up for R97.50 (while stocks and the sales lasts). Which is about the same price as a regular LED bulb without battery backup at PickNPay.

We can’t give you any first-hand experience with this, as we don’t have one in to test (yet), and we’ve never used this particular site, so use some caution when purchasing, as ever.

A bit of background research suggests that YourDoor aren’t the only company to have cottoned on to the potential for emergency lights right now. This seller on BidOrBuy also has a decent (and cheaper) range. We’re not sure exactly what capacity the batteries are here, though, so worth asking before you buy.

Lastly, I’d like to commend the site for an excellent product description.

Screenshot (41)Check out the product’s page if you want to grab yourself one or read more.


Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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