Cherry announces the “MX Silent” switch

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Mechanical keyboards: absolutely the best for both typing and annoying anyone else in the vicinity.

Hey, I love mechs more than the next guy, but with Deon and Adam using a board with MX Blacks and Reds respectively, the office can get loud .

Luckily Cherry Corp. (the OG mechanical switch maker) and Corsair have announced a new type of switch to go along with Cherry’s existing MX family that will be exclusive to Corsair for the first six months following Gamescon 2015 (which our editor Nick is currently covering).

Details are quite sparse on the switch right now between a Youtube video that went out and a press release.

What we do know is that the switch will feature a clear plastic body to help get the colour through from its RGB LED (which is in the video, but may not be a permanent feature), a glass fibre reinforced base, and gold contacts that promise the 50 million key presses that is the usual Cherry standard.

The noise reduction apparently comes from “2-component tappets” that reduce the audible click, and various other features we don’t know about yet.

The video showcases a switch with a red stem, so the first of these silent switches may be based of off MX Reds, but Cherry’s press release suggests that other switch types will get the silent treatment too.

The first keyboard to use the Cherry MX Silent switches
The first keyboard to use the Cherry MX Silent switches

We’re a bit perplexed with this decision. Red and Black switches are already the quietest, and can be made quieter with various dampeners and other solutions that have been kicking around for ages. Granted, these solutions are quite involved, and some require maintenance, so we can see why this would be embraced by most. And we’ll hopefully see more mechanical keyboards snuck into offices and schools.

Again, we’ll have a mechanical keyboard guide coming soon, so bookmark this page and come back later if you want more detail.

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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