Fat Pipe: The best bandwidth for your business

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There was a point, not too long ago, when small and medium businesses just couldn’t compete with bigger corporates.

Data centres took up too much space. Bandwidth was expensive. Making an impact seemed almost impossible.

Today, SMEs are asking how they can increase their company’s digital presence, how they can do more online.

And like any other type (or size) of business, an SME has to continually learn and adapt if it wants to keep up with technological change as well as the impact of cloud computing.

It’s simple: as your company gets bigger, so do the number of connected devices within it.

Worldclass business broadband

A recent SME report showed that while nearly 90% of all the small companies surveyed had internet connectivity, most were interested in a faster internet connection.

After all, it’s unshaped and uncapped bandwidth that will truly give your small business the e-commerce boost it needs.

Worldclass broadband can mean exciting online business opportunities including the option to internationalise.

And because websites can now be built for relatively small costs using open source software, even the smallest SME can have a site with a high degree of functionality.

It’s an important point for every business in South Africa to have an online presence, especially in a country where most still connect to the web using a phone.

(Did you know that South Africa’s mobile penetration rate is an astounding 133%?)

Today’s telecommunication and technology tools also give SMEs the ability to locate their offices anywhere – you no longer have to be in a city hub to get the best bandwidth.

And most importantly, most of the functionality an SME needs to make use of in the everyday running of their business – accounting software, payroll, human resource management and their chosen collaboration software – can be hosted in the cloud.

While this is simpler and more cost effective, it does require an extremely reliable and high performing Internet connection, such as Vox Telecom’s Fat Pipe Business.

Better business bandwidth means actually understanding the value of your data, something that has the potential to fundamentally change the way SMEs work.

With a faster, more reliable and unshaped connection like Vox Telecom’s Fat Pipe, the potential for small businesses to grow is huge.

(Fat Pipe’s Business plans come standard with five static IPs, but also a fully-managed hardware service.)

Designed specifically for SMEs that demand high-speed, reliable internet, you can find out more about Fat Pipe Business here.



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