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[htxt.africast] Making things at Maker Faire

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There was plenty of technology news for us to cover this week but you may have noticed a surge in news about makers. That’s because Brendyn and Clinton were in Cape Town last weekend attending the inaugural Maker Faire Cape Town and Maker Conference.

From free flight drones to stoves powered by 1W fans there was absolutely no shortage of creations to boggle and amaze the mind.

While at the Faire, Clinton and Brendyn met up with founder of KAT-O Robyn Farah and Adam Weston from the Modern Alchemists. Our two makers were so enthralled by the work they do that we invited them to appear on our weekly Africast, and lucky us, they accepted.

So this week we talk KAT-O, Modern Alchemists, Maker Faire and the rise of the maker movement in Cape Town and South Africa with special guests Robyn Farah and Adam Weston joining us on Skype.

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