[MAP MONDAY] Some of the foods South Africans love Instagramming the most

If you find yourself at a restaurant feasting on the most amazing burger you’ve had this side of the equator and just have to Instagram it for the world to know, you’re not alone, apparently burgers are one of the most Instagrammed foods in South Africa.

The Food Capitals on Instagram interactive map, created by Photoworld, shows a list of common and unique foods that are hashtagged on the photo sharing app, as well as in which cities around the world they appear the most.

Though South Africa doesn’t feature among the food capitals of the world, the map does reveal that bacon and sushi are the among the top faves, particularly in Cape Town.

Overall, US cities take the crown for most featured foods.

Check the map out below.

From bacon to sushi, discover the popularity of the world’s favourite foods on Instagram. Click image to open an interactive version (via Photoworld).

[Source – Photoworld, image – CC 2.0 by Alpha]


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