The LG G4: A sleek & smart design

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First, you get the dream phone. You peel off the protective back and front films only to realise that you’re going to have to put it in a protective case. All of a sudden, your slim and stylish smartphone has turned into something of industrial-like proportions.

If only you didn’t need a cover. The question is – can a smartphone be both durable and aesthetically pleasing?

Meet the G4, LG’s latest flagship model with a real (cowhide) full-grain leather backing. It’s tough without adding unnecessary bulk, and comes in five colours.

The handmade leather may give the G4 a unique look, but it also makes it a bit sturdier to hold. What’s more is that if you still opt for a sturdier case, the phone will still fit.

Don’t like the stitched leather look? A hammered, metal craft back is also an option. Want more? There is also a clean white ceramic-backed G4 with the same, modern hammered effect.

Whatever you pick, the LG G4 will turn heads as you pull it out your bag.

It’s easy to get carried away when talking about the looks of the G4. But for those who have used previous iterations of LG’s flagship, they’ll already be used to the standout, single button on the back of the phone.

At first, it can feel a bit strange. Why is there a button in the middle of the phone? But as you slowly get used to the design, you’ll soon wonder why other brands haven’t released their own version of it.

The back buttons, which essentially control the volume of the G4 as well as the ability to unlock or lock the device, make using the phone with one-hand a breeze. It’s sleek, but surprisingly functional because they sit at a natural resting place for your hands. It’s also a very easy way to launch the camera – just press the volume bottom twice.

Whatever look you go for, the LG G4 fit comfortably into your hands thanks to it’s ergonomically-shaped body. It’s a phone with an ever-so-slight banana curve (a subtle 3000mm radius).

The 5.5-inch screen too, is curved. It’s not just for looks – the angle of the screen increases the G4’s durability which means it has the potential to survive unforeseen drops to the floor without shattering the screen.

Sleek. Smart. Ergonomic.

What more could you want from the LG G4?



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