There are 75 million Windows 10 machines in the wild

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We all knew that Microsoft’s Windows 10 operating system was going to be popular, but one thing that the company probably didn’t bargain on was just how eager people were to install it.

The OS was supposed to be rolled out in phases, but people quickly figured out how to upgrade without having to wait their turn. This could have been the first hint it was going to be one of the biggest OS launches the company has ever seen.

Just how big was it? Well, Microsoft Corporate Vice President Yusuf Mehdi said via Twitter that over 75 million device are now running on Windows 10.

In a series of tweet highlighting the popularity of the OS, he also revealed that Windows 10 now is running in 192 countries, which is “virtually every country on the planet.”

Windows 10 also allows users to stream their Xbox One content to a PC connected to the same network, and according to Mehdi, more than 122 years of gameplay have been streamed from Xbox One to Windows 10 devices so far.



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