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And the winner of the 1TB Ultimate Player Edition PS4 is…

We’ve run a few competitions in our time, but this one takes the cake for the amazing care and effort that went into the vast majority of the entries.

We asked you to submit short videos telling us why you deserve to win the 1TB Ultimate Player Edition PlayStation 4, and you guys went to town! We received far more entries than we’d even been hoping for, and they ran the gamut from terribly dry – “I want a PlayStation because PlayStations are cool” – all the way up to clever, polished productions.

But some managed to blend serious creativity with a bit of humour, and it’s those that stuck with us, and had us arguing/debating their merits on many an afternoon when we should have been working.

After much deliberation, we’ve finally come up with a winner.

Before we get to who actually won, though, here are the runners-up.


@htxt.africa #winaps41tb Entered a Ps4 competition! ??? “Aand This is why i deserve to win a ps4” ?? A video posted by Zaid Abarder (@zaidyyyyy) on

This one caught our attention because the creator actually taught herself to play Minecraft just for the purposes of entering our competition. You have our respect, Michelle Hercules!

As good as those videos are, here’s our winner, PlayStation 4 fan-to-be and maybe-someday comedian jqinstamedia.

@htxt.africa The struggle is real #winaps41tb

A video posted by JayQue (@jqinstamedia) on

Well done, jqinstamedia! We’ll be in touch shortly about your prize.

Before we end off, we feel we need to clarify the likes you see on the videos – they are the likes of each creator’s followers, and not an indication of general popularity. Some creators have a lot less followers than others, and thus have far fewer likes.

It’s a pity we could only give out one prize – the general quality of the entries we received were phenomenal, and we’re grateful to all of you who made the effort to enter!

Thanks, all, keep an eye on the website for more competitions!

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