EcoMobility Festival Postponed

EcoMobility Festival has been postponed

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The month-long EcoMobility Festival has been postponed until the beginning of next week.

Scheduled to kick off this Thursday, the Festival, which is aimed at promoting alternatives to fossil-fuel-powered transport and decongesting the Sandton City centre, will now commence on the 5th October.

The news broke on John Robbie’s show on 702 early this morning. Robbie tweeted that he would be speaking to  Elaine Jack, the Improvement District Manager for Sandton Central Management District (SCMD) about the reasons for the delay:

Jack said, “[SDMC] underestimated the readiness of completion and the construction company has assured us they’ll be finished tomorrow.”

Jack also said there will be some disruption over the next few days as the construction is completed but there’s a press conference tomorrow morning to explain exactly what’s going on.

The EcoMobility Festival has received a mixed response from the both the public and pundits alike. While the summit’s green-fuel promotion is certainly laudable and Sandton City will certainly be decongested by the closure of several streets, the Festival is likely to turn the surrounding routes into gridlocked nightmares.

That having been said, it’s worth noting that Johannesburg Mayor, Parks Tau, has pointed out that unless commuters begin using public transport, congestion in the Sandton CBD would become unmanageable.

Tau told that around 96 000 vehicles enter Sandton between 7.30am and 8.30am every day and 70 per cent of those vehicles are privately owned. He added that since the number of vehicles looks set to increase by up to 4% every year, unless people started using public transport, the CBD would eventually grind to a halt.

For those who have no choice in whether or not they’re commuting to and from Sandton’s CBD this next month, we’ve put together a guide on how best to move in and around Sandton while the Festival is on.