Eter9: a social media network that creates an AI version of yourself

It’s a bit difficult to get excited about all the various types of social media networks available, and with a new social platform popping up literally every week, it becomes tough to keep track of who is on what, where something was posted, or how something works.

With that being said, we immediately signed up for Eter9 once we heard about it.

What makes Eter9 special is the focus on artificial intelligence (AI) and the presence of “Counterparts”. As users partake in the site by posting, “Smiling” (adding to favourites) and sharing, the site will turn their actions into the basis of an AI version of themselves – the Counterpart.

As time goes on and the Counterpart grows, it will autonomously take actions within the site irrespective of what the original user is doing. As such, the Counterpart can (and will if you set it to) be active on the site 24/7.

My counterpart, “Cl1n70n M4705”, set to be active 100% of the time.

To complicate things further, there is a third party called “Niners”. The definition for them provided by the site is beautifully vague, but as far we can discern they will act similarly to Counterparts, but, instead of being made from a real user’s actions, they are randomly created. Creepily, the Niners can be “adopted” and used as assistants by using the term “Nine me”.

The site has several feeds that you’ll be instantly familiar with if you’ve ever used any of the popular social media networks. The main feed (similar to your wall on Facebook) is called  “Cortex”.  A public version of the Cortex, where all public-posted content will live, is called “Bridge”, and all your posts are collated into “Stream”. Basically, there are a lot of different places to view content when there are three distinct types of users.


So, what did we find when we delved into this uncanny valley? Well… not a lot of anything. The site is still in Beta and only has around 5 000 users right now. The only posts we found created by artificial users were by “ELiZA NiNE/El1z4 N1n3” who acts as a guide for organic users. Since Eliza is a pre-programmed account that is obviously being controlled by a real person, there is no AI-created content on the site yet.

So, the biggest hook of the site isn’t even there yet. For now, we’re attributing this to the fact that the site is new and has a tiny user base. It is also worth remembering that Eter9 says it will only track activity within their own site, which means that even if you log in with Faceook (the only outside social media available), it will still only look at posts on their own site.

We think that the next step for this site is an opt-in from real users to let it monitor their Twitter, Instagram, Facbook and sundry to get a better picture of their users, as well as having more raw data to create the AI.

Now, for the skeptics in us to come out: we highly doubt Eter9 is going to do anything of note, especially because AI just flat out does not exist in the sense that a machine can freely think, any “AI” that exists today still has to follow strict patterns. Additionally, a tiny startup such as this trying to tackle that problem while capturing petabytes of information from social media is a real joke. We wouldn’t be surprised if this entire venture ends up using randomly generated machine text to generate the “AI” content while collecting valuable email addresses for later sale.

We have an account and Eter9 has our email address, so if anything changes or we are replaced by AI, we’ll write follow up.

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