NVIDIA announces desktop level graphics for notebooks

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NVIDIA has announced that its now able to offer desktop gaming performance in a gaming notebook with the launch of the GeForce GTX 980 in notebook form factor.

The desktop GTX 980 was released last year and was widely praised for its quality by PC enthusiasts. There is, of course, a mobile version of the processor in the form of the GTX 980M, but this card exhibits slightly less power than its desktop counterpart.

NVIDIA says that the notebook version of the GTX 980 will have the similar performance to the current desktop GTX 980 cards but the form factor has been redesigned to fit within gaming notebooks. Just how much this performance differs remains to be seen.

Along with the new form factor, NVIDIA has also said that this graphics processor unit (GPU) will have the ability to be overclocked. This is made possible thanks to a redesigned fan and new overclocking controls.

For those in the market for a VR headset when they become available, the notebook GTX 980 will offer support at release. Surround gaming monitor setups will also be supported by the GPU and will use NVIDIA G-SYNC technology.

A number of notebooks that will feature the new GPU were also announced by NVIDIA including the beastly MSI GT80, the Aorus X7 DT and the Asus ROG GX700.

We’re excited to see just well the notebook GTX 980 compares to the desktop GTX980 and how much it improves performance on a gaming notebook such as the MSI GT80.

[Source – NVIDIA]

Brendyn Lotz

Brendyn Lotz

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