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Orange launches Africa’s first USSD mobile crowdfunding platform

International mobile network provider, Orange, today announced Orange Collecte, Africa’s first 100% mobile crowdfunding service dedicated to hundreds of thousands of Orange Money customers in the west African country of the Ivory Coast.

Orange Collecte was developed in partnership with French crowdfunding platform HelloAsso.

“Through this partnership, Orange is getting involved with the social innovation approach instigated by HelloAsso. The Orange Collecte initiative embodies the group’s desire to support innovative solutions that meet its customer’s basic needs, while also illustrating the issue of developing innovative financial services in Africa, which is part of the operator’s strategy,” Orange said in a statement.

Citizens and charity organisations can use Orange Collecte to raise money for any project from weddings to studies, travel expenses and fundraising drives.

Users create a campaign by dialling #144*8# on their phone or by visiting the Orange Collecte website. Once a user has created their campaign, they can share it with friends and family via SMS, Facebook and Twitter to gently encourage them to contribute.

Contributors will receive a code they must use when transferring funds through Orange Money towards the campaign. They will also be able to promote the campaign via SMS and social media.

Once the campaign organiser has received their funds, they can cash it out via their Orange Money account.

There are already quite a number of localised crowdfunding sites across the continent, all of them more or less running the same backing format. But none have yet tapped into the vast mobile money market that’s currently growing at an incredible rate across Africa.

Orange Collecte by Orange

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