Philips wants to give you R200k for your healthcare-improving ideas

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Philips South Africa is holding an event called the South African Innovation Fellows Competition, which invites submissions from anyone in South Africa detailing their technology-focused ideas that could potentially solve many of the issues currently facing healthcare provision in the country. Of particular interest is solving problems around making access to primary healthcare easier.

Should you have a great idea that could accomplish that, you could walk away with R200 000 of Philips SA’s money that you can put towards developing that idea further.

This comes as a result of a paper Philips put together called the Philips Africa Innovation Research Study, in which 60% of 1 000 surveyed South Africans claimed to be “innovators” and 57% believe that a lack of money is a barrier to that innovation.

Moreover, another pan-African Philips research paper revealed that 43% of Africans surveyed believe they’re sitting on “the next big thing”, and that it’s only lack of money that’s preventing them from bringing their idea to fruition.

Therefore, by offering a decent sum of money for the really good ideas of a large group of people, Philips hopes to spur that innovative spirit to the next level and actually make something happen out of it, and from that enrich the lives of South Africans everywhere.

If you believe that’s you – and Philips’ research suggests you likely do – then you are invited to submit your ideas to the company in Word or PDF format.

Here’s what Philips is looking for:

  • ICT solutions to improve access to healthcare
  • Solutions to improve care delivery
  • Healthcare imaging for low resource settings utilizing smartphones
  • Diagnostic tools for low resource settings
  • Innovations for healthy living for mother and child

Tips for submitting your idea include very clear explanations of the project and your plans to bring it to life, and how it can be scaled up to help more people.

Sound good? Head over to the official Innovation Fellows website for more info.

[Source – Philips]

Deon du Plessis

Deon du Plessis

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