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SA public transport startup secures R12mil to go global

South African public transport startup WhereIsMyTransport, the creator of the FindMyWay app, is about to take on the world.

The company recently finished raising R12 million in seeding funding which they will use to launch a new international office in London, and focus their efforts on expanding outside South Africa and ultimately, beyond Africa.

Originally from Cape Town, WhereIsMyTransport provides municipalities and transport providers with an API and commuter data with which to set up and run their applications.

South African apps Live Sign and Transport for Cape Town have made use of the API, and the city of Tshwane used WhereIsMyTransport’s data to approximate scores for its Earth Hour City Challenge event.

Funding was secured through the involvement of private and public institutions, international investors Horizen Ventures and Goodwell Investments and personal investors Tom Boardman, former CEO of Nedbank and Kim Fennell, CEO of deCarta.

“We’re very proud to be a company that was born and raised in Africa, and our commitment to building solutions that serve developing cities remains unchanged,” WhereIsMyTransport co-founder Devin de Vries said in a statement. “Having an international base for operations makes it easier for us to reach other cities outside Africa and gives us the resources, credibility and access to venture capital needed to compete on a global scale.”

WhereIsMyTransport’s headquarters and primary development workshop will still remain in Cape Town.

This month, the company will represent South Africa at the Start Tel Aviv global contest in Israel, after winning the recent regional round of the contest.

[Image – WhereIsMyTransport]

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