SeeBox is a South African game console you can fund on Indiegogo

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As the need for engineers and scientists increases, educators are scrambling to get people engaged in the extremely intimidating world of technology.

A team of engineers based in Pretoria has created a project that could help newcomers overcome this hurdle in the form of the SeeBox, an interactive gaming console.  Now, all they need is funding.

The concept of the Scientific Engineering and Education Box (SeeBox) is devilishly simple: connect the device to a PC, tablet or phone, launch the game app and then start experimenting.

Inside the SeeBox there are six different electrical instruments: a digital storage oscilloscope, a spectrum analyser, a logic analyser, a programmable waveform generator, a digital pattern generator and a programmable power supply. It also comes with a bundle of cables and connectors.

The software side of things is covered by two packages: SeeBox Measure and SeeBox Play. Measure turns the SeeBox into an electronic measurement instrument, while Play asks users to solve problems on hardware called “Playboards”, so they can advance to the next stage in the game.

This intermingling of working on the Playboards, as well as the software, is the basis of all electrical engineering.

This all sounds amazing, and the team behind it says that the SeeBox is ready to go. However, it needs support and there is currently an Indiegogo campaign running to get this innovative console to the masses.

On the list of perks you’ll find many options that range from “co-sponsoring a disadvantaged school”  for $5 (R68), to the Basic Seebox Package for $250 (R3 400) that comes with three Playboards. The top of the tree is a corporate sponsorship at $3 500 (R47 660) that will net a company 10 branded SeeBoxes and 100 Playboards.

The campaign still has 38 days left, so if you feel strongly about this product and its educational goals, we urge you to support it soon.

If you’d like to see an interview with the inventor of the SeeBox, as well as a hands-on with the software and hardware on offer, our friends at EDGE Science and Tech Show have you covered:

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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