Telkom’s summer data promo gives you double data at no extra cost

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For the next six months, starting in October, Telkom customers will receive twice the amount of internet data they purchase at no extra charge whenever they top up.

Telkom customers on the higher-end TopUp and SoftCap products get an even sweeter deal. Not only will you receive double the data when you top up, but you’ll get it cheaper as prices have been reduced. For example, the price of the 500 GB product has now been reduced from R2495 to R1599, meaning you’ll get 1TB at 35% less the original price.

“The demand for data is infinite and our efforts are geared to offering our customers as much value as we possibly can to satisfy this demand,” said Telkom’s managing director of Telkom Mobile and Consumer, Attila Vitai.

Check the table below out for a breakdown of all the changes.

Screenshot (626)


Screenshot (624)

Screenshot (625)

The Telkom data summer promotion will run from the the 1st October to the 31st March 2016.

Telkom also said it’s bringing back the TI Entertainment add-on at a cost of R99 per month, giving you uncapped access to specific entertainment sites Apple TV, iTunes and DStv’s BoxOffice and CatchUp offerings.

“This Summer we will be leveraging our powerful fixed- mobile convergence capabilities to ensure that customers awaiting installations and certain customers in high fault zones are able to access their monthly fixed data allocation to connect to the Internet using the on-net Telkom Mobile network,” Vitai said. “The Telkom Integrated Data service will be targeted at certain customers and requires a Telkom Internet SIM card with specific configuration setting to enable the alternative access and to set up modems and devices for use or fail over.”