John McAfee is running for US president

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John McAfee has announced his intention to run for the US presidency.

Yes, you read that correctly, the man who founded security software firm McAfee back in the 1980s,  and who went on the run in Belize a few years ago after local authorities alleged he’d killed his neighbour with a shotgun wants to be President Of The United States Of America.

Depending on your views on Donald Trump’s campaign, this is either more of the same kind of insanity that lets anyone with enough money make a run for the White House, or a great idea that’ll shake up US politics.

McAfee, who made a lot of money with his company and who’s been living the life of a millionaire playboy ever since, apparently filed papers with the Federal Election Commission on Tuesday announcing his intentions, but without naming his party; he did that a few hours later.

The name? The Cyber Party. Because of course.

Formal statement coming today

In an email interview between Ars Technica and McAfee’s campaign manager, Drew Thompson, it was mentioned that the Cyber Party’s ideology and aims are “…not really related to any existing party.” No more was said, but McAfee is expected to make some sort of formal statement today, which should clarify this and other matters.

McAfee, in case you didn’t know, is referred to as an “eccentric” – which, as Dennis Hopper pointed out in the movie Speed, is short-hand for anyone who is both crazy and rich. Well, he could be just calculating modern-day internet star; we can’t decide which.

He’s perhaps most (in)famous for his “How to uninstall McAfee” YouTube video, a rather NSFW clip in which he demonstrates how to do it… with a gun… partially naked… with a lot of colourful language and, er, chemical assistance.

Nutty with no chance of winning

It just serves to highlight McAfee’s behaviour over the past few years; he’s such a… er, ahem… maverick, he’s been referred to as “crazy person John Mcafee” by Gizmodo on several occasions, and an internet search for him produces some entertaining, if rather disturbing results.

So even if his political ideologies prove interesting, there’s very little chance he’s going to earn enough votes to make it all the way. Then again, stranger things have happened.

[Source – Ars Technica]

Deon du Plessis

Deon du Plessis

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