Thumbprints and photos: this is how you’ll upgrade your SA ID at a bank

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This morning the Department of Home Affairs did a public unveiling of the first two smart ID centres at the Standard Bank and FNB headquarters where pilot phase are currently running with the banks’ employees. This is what you’ll go through once it’s opened to the public.

There are designated counters for each step involved in the application process at each bank. A Home Affairs official will be available at each counter to assist you.

Step 1: Meeter Greeter


As you enter the Home Affairs bank centre, the centre’s reception, known as the Meeter Greeter, will issue you with a ticket that details which number in the queue yours is.

Step 2: Take your photo


Since you no longer have to bring your own photo when applying for an ID and passport anymore as the department’s process has gone completely digital, you’ll then have to go to the photobooth to have your ID/passport photo taken.

Step 3: Application process


After you’ve taken your photo in the photobooth, you’ll move on to the actual process. Here the official will require your old ID, your thumbprint will be taken via the department’s biometric system and you’ll have to pay via a speed point (remember, you have to be a customer at the bank you’re applying at).

The entire process is said to take between five to ten working days.

Step 4: Collection

Once you’re application is complete (this will take between five to ten working days), you’ll get an SMS notifying you of when you can come and collect your ID/passport. When you get to the centre, you’ll sign off and be handed an envelope with your card or passport inside.

You can see more images of the respective centres in the gallery below.