Tshwane ForGood lets residents support worthy causes via free WiFi network

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The City of Tshwane has announced an online portal that will allow residents in the metro to connect with and support worthy causes near them via the Tshwane Free WiFi (Project isizwe) network.

The city partnered with social startup forgood, Project Isizwe and non-profit tech organisation, Happimo to launch Tshwane ForGood today on the WiFi network’s Tobesta content portal.

forgood is an online platform where individuals, groups and corporates can reach out to charities to offer assistance in the form of donations of volunteering their time.

Residents can now connect to the web site for free at any of the almost 700 WiFi sites to select a cause they can help out.

“By encouraging its citizens to support those in need the City of Tshwane aims to create a more tolerant and inclusive society,” the City of Tshwane tweeted on Tuesday afternoon. “Municipalities are increasingly playing a powerful role in the internet connectivity access space. Tshwane ForGood creates a perfect opportunity to bridge the economic gap between the haves and the have not.”

[Image – Tobetsa]