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[WATCH] Umkhungo is a sci-fi adventure set in Hillbrow

Everyone knows South Africa makes awesome sci-fi films (District 9, Dredd, Avengers: Age of Ultron, etc), it’s just that we don’t make enough of them. Which is why we were very happy to stumble across this awesome short on Vimeo.

The thirty-minute film, titled Umkhungo (Zulu for “Gift”) takes place in Hillbrow where a young boy named Themba is haunted by paranormal events. if you’ve ever seen any movie ever, you’ll be able to figure out the fact that he has some control (and/or connection) over the paranormal. It seems that supernatural powers are dolled out to fictional gods and young children in sequel servings.

Themba eventually runs into a street criminal, and the two of them go on their own little quest. We won’t spoil anything more than that (and we urge you not to read the film’s description) as the running time is short enough to go into it completely blind.

The entirety of the film’s dialogue is in Zulu with full English subtitles. While we imagine this will give an international audience a sense of alienation, increasing the feeling of dread that accompanies the occult, we can’t help but feel a bit chuffed that some local language is used in films, boet.

The film was created by local production company Mannequin Pictures that handles everything from insurance ads to comedy shows. They have over seventy videos on Vimeo that you can watch right now.

But what you’ll want to watch is Umkhungo, and you can do so right here:


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